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Some cases may be live streamed at this time to preserve the transparency and open records policy Arizona courts have traditionally held. If available, you will see a link here. Please know that some cases will not be broadcast due to privacy concerns as outlined in Arizona Supreme Court Rules 122 and 123.

Litigants to a case will already have a link allowing them to participate in the process. If a party to a case cannot access the virtual courtroom, they should immediately contact the court hearing their case.

Recording of court proceedings is strictly forbidden without judicial approval and violations may be punishable by law. To request permission, visit our Public Information page.

Case Number Date Time Event Title Party Name
CC2022-074503 5/19/2022 9:30 AM Eviction Action Hearing - Attorney  
CT2022-067942 5/24/2022 8:30 AM Arraignment Hearing - Citation SAIZHON JASON LAMONT STEPHENS
CT2022-049615 5/24/2022 9:00 AM Arraignment Hearing - Citation State Of Arizona
CT2022-051147 5/24/2022 10:00 AM Arraignment Hearing - Juvenile Advisory Hearing State Of Arizona
CC2022-077164 5/24/2022 1:30 PM Eviction Action Hearing - Attorney