Work with the Maricopa County Justice Courts

Thank you for your interest in the Maricopa County Justice Courts! The Judicial Branch of Arizona in Maricopa County is one of the largest, most innovative and progressive court systems in the nation. The Judicial Branch includes the Arizona Supreme Court and the Arizona Court of Appeals, Superior Courts in each county, Justice of the Peace Courts in each county, and Municipal or Magistrate Courts in each city.

There are 26 Justice Courts in Maricopa County which handle a wide variety of misdemeanor offenses, from traffic stops to theft, plus small claims, evictions, and orders of protection. The average person is more likely to have contact with the Justice Courts than with any other judicial body, meaning we have a large volume of continuous work which significantly impacts the population.


The Judicial Clerk supports the operations of the Justice Courts including servicing a busy front counter, accepting fines, filing, docketing, and other administrative functions in one or more areas of the court. It is a challenging and rewarding position with educational opportunities. We frequently have clerk openings which can be found here with the ‘Department’ listed as Justice Courts.

Judge Pro-Tempore

Pro-Tem Judges are an integral piece of the Justice Courts pie. A Pro-Tem fills in when the elected Justice of the Peace is not available. Pro-Tem Judges must be attorneys or a former Justice of the Peace and have an existing JP as a sponsor. The recruitment period opens in August each year but you may email our Administrative Pro-Tem at any time to express interest and receive more information.


No matter the cause or organization of choice, volunteers are a valuable resource and have an incredibly positive impact on their communities.

There are 26 Justice Courts in Maricopa County. Given the types of cases handled by the Justice Courts, the volume of work is high and continuous. As a volunteer, you will offer much-needed support to the staff to assist in the completion of time-consuming and necessary tasks, helping ensure that the litigants’ journey through the court process is as timely and accurate as possible.

Volunteers are in the unique position to learn about and come to understand court procedures and all the positive aspects of the Justice Courts. As such, you will become a powerful connection between your community and the court that serves it.

We wish to create an environment in which you are challenged and fulfilled. You are encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback to assist with creating the best Volunteer Program possible.

Maricopa County Justice Courts Volunteer Process

Volunteers will be subject to fingerprinting and a criminal background investigation to be eligible for the Justice Courts.

If you would like to be considered for a volunteer position in the Justice Courts, please submit your request by selecting from the Contact Card options listed below and the supervisor for the volunteer position you are seeking will contact you to provide information regarding minimum requirements, the application process, and timelines.

Volunteer opportunities include: