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Judge Keith Frankel
Judge, Keith Frankel

Keith Frankel has served as Justice of the Peace for the San Marcos precinct since his election in 2006.

Prior to being elected, Judge Frankel worked in the behavioral health field and has consulted locally, nationally and internationally on a wide range of issues including, but not limited to, organizational transformation, managed care and recovery.

Judge Frankel earned his Masters of Social Work from Arizona State University and Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Judge Frankel is an active Rotarian, Board President of Empowerment Systems (a non-profit family of health education and wellness programs) and former Board Member of the East Valley Partnership.

Under his direction, San Marcos Justice Court innovations include:
• the responsibility program, which requires attendance at life skills classes for those who ignore fines.
• a Workforce Connections terminal installed in the court lobby to assist job-seekers with employment.
• the issuance of marriage licenses to better serve the community.

Judge Frankel was the Chairperson of the Maricopa County Justice Courts DUI Task Force, which developed compliance guidelines to ensure DUI cases are adjudicated within 180 days. He currently serves on the Regional Homeless Court.