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Filing Fees

All fees collected are allocated to various state and local funds as prescribed by statute and law. Base fees are set by the state; the county adds additional fees to fund various initiatives and projects. The costs below are all-inclusive.

Civil Current Fees
Civil Complaint and Summons $101.00
Answer to Civil Complaint $68.00
Small Claims
Small Claims Complaint $53.00
Answer to Small Claims Complaint $43.00
Eviction Action Complaint $63.00
Answer to Eviction Complaint No Charge
Protective Orders
Order of Protection No Charge
Injunction Against Harassment  No Charge
Injunction Against Workplace Harassment No Charge
Writ of Garnishment (does not include Constable service) $33.00
Writ of Garnishment (includes minimum mileage) $97.00
Writ of Restitution (includes minimum mileage) $115.00
Writ of Execution (includes minimum mileage) $113.00
Judgment Debtors Exam $28.00
Notice of Appeal (includes certification, transmittal, audio record) $84.00

Other Fees

Certification of any documents $28.00
Copies of documents $0.50 per page
Audio/Video of a hearing (provided on CD/DVD) $28.00
Application for payment plan $20.00
Returned checks $25.00
Any other act for which a fee is not specifically prescribed $28.00

In addition, constables and sheriffs may charge other fees when serving some Writs. These fees are specified in Arizona Revised Statutes, chapter 11, section 445.

You may also call the court where your case was heard. The clerks may have a listing of the fees or refer you to the office of the appropriate constable.

Fee Deferral/Waivers

We know there are hardships which limit any individual's source of funds. There are times when court fees may be deferred or waived. A deferral puts off the costs to be paid until after the case is resolved. A waiver removes the costs involved.

Persons who are unable to pay court fees may apply for a waiver or deferral. They should download the Fee Waiver/Deferral Application form and then speak to a court clerk for instructions on how to submit the application. The completed pages will go to the judge for a decision.

Court policies for fee deferral and waiver applications are listed in section 5-206 of the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration.