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About Us Navigators

Meet the Team

Justice Court Navigator Team

Meet our team of "Navigators": Lisa, Martha, Olivia, Rose, and Allen!

What are Justice Court Navigators?

Justice Court Navigators are probably the first court employees you will see upon clearing security to enter a justice court building. They are individuals trained to assist the public at different points in the court visit and provide specialized assistance, ensuring that your experience with the Justice Courts is seamless and less stressful.

What do Justice Court Navigators do?

Justice Court Navigators provide guidance to individuals who need help figuring out the court system. They can direct you to the proper court, assist you with obtaining court forms for filing, and answer questions about the court process. 

We know court can be a confusing place. The Navigators can explain rules and procedures, offer resources and services for court users, and provide guidance on how move toward completion of your court business.

How can Justice Court Navigators help me?

The Justice Court Navigators have spent years in the court system as clerks- working behind the counter to process cases. As a result they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help steer you through the complexities of the court system. Navigators can provide information and guidance on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Understanding court procedures
  • Providing court forms
  • Coordinating with court staff
  • Answering questions about court fees
  • Providing information on legal and community resources
  • Guiding parties to the correct courtroom

Please note that Justice Court Navigators cannot provide legal advice, but can help ensure that your questions have prompt and accurate answers.

Eventually, all six Justice Court buildings will have Navigators to assist. Currently they are stationed in:

  • Downtown Justice Center | 620 W. Jackson Street, Phoenix
  • Northeast Regional Court Center | 18380 N. 40th Street, Phoenix
  • Ocotillo (formerly San Tan) Regional Court Center | 201 E. Chicago St, Chandler
  • Southeast Justice Center | 222 E. Javelina Ave, Mesa
  • Southwest Justice Center | 10420 W. Van Buren Street, Avondale

Lisa, Martha, Olivia, Rose, and Allen all make helping you- the in-person court customer- their number one goal. Got a question you need answered before you arrive? Click here to e-mail them!