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Weddings in the Justice Courts

Arizona law gives judges the authority to perform marriage ceremonies. In fact, ‘marry people’ is the most common answer people give when asked if they know what a Justice of the Peace does.  Truly, though, weddings are just a small part of what happens in the courthouse. But- they are the best part of a judge’s day!

What to Know

Photo of a couple holding hands

In the Maricopa County Justice Courts, weddings are a discretionary function rather than a mandatory function of the court. Therefore, a judge will not interrupt or delay any court proceeding in order to perform a marriage ceremony. Weddings are conducted after 5 p.m.

You may call ahead to make an appointment or simply walk into the courthouse. In either case, make sure to arrive well before 4:30 p.m. to ensure you have enough time to clear security and sign in at the court window. Courthouse doors lock at precisely 5 p.m. and no one may enter after that.

All judges perform same-sex and opposite-sex weddings alike. Some judges as listed below can do ceremonies in Spanish. Some judges will also conduct weddings for active military members at no cost during the day. Call first to ask.

The busiest days for weddings tend to be special calendar dates:  Valentine’s Day, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and days of numerological significance (2/2/22, 12/31/23, 2/4/24, etc). Plan extra time for arrival, sign-in, and completion of the ceremony on these days.

Where to Go

There are 26 justice courts to choose from in 7 different locations across Maricopa County. Click below to open the details.

Ironwood Justice Court

209 E. Pima, Gila Bend AZ  85337

  • Judge Joe Getzwiller


  • Marriage license services are available here.
  • Ironwood does not conduct ceremonies on-site. Contact the court to arrange a location.

Southwest Regional Court Center

10420 W. Van Buren St, Avondale AZ  85323

  • Agua Fria Justice Court: Judge Joe "Pep" Guzman (Spanish available)
  • Country Meadows Justice Court: Judge Anna Huberman (Spanish available)
  • Maryvale Justice Court: Judge Andy Gastelum (Spanish available)
  • White Tank Justice Court: Judge Heidi Owens

Note: Marriage license services are available here.

Northwest Regional Court Center

14264 W. Tierra Buena Lane, Surprise AZ 85374

  • Arrowhead Justice Court: Judge Craig Wismer
  • Hassayampa Justice Court: Judge CJ Mueller (Spanish available)
  • Manistee Justice Court: Judge Donald Watts
  • North Valley Justice Court: Judge Gerald Williams

Note: Marriage licenses are not available from the justice courts at this location but the Clerk of Court does have an office in the building to handle licenses.

Northeast Regional Court Center

18380 N. 40th St, Phoenix AZ  85032

  • Desert Ridge Justice Court: Judge Cathy Riggs
  • Dreamy Draw Justice Court: Judge Frank Conti
  • McDowell Mountain Justice Court: Judge Michele Reagan
  • Moon Valley Justice Court: Judge Deborah Begay (Diné available)

Note: Marriage licenses are not available from the justice courts at this location but the Clerk of Court does have an office in the building to handle licenses.

Downtown Justice Center

620 W. Jackson St, Phoenix AZ  85003

  • Arcadia-Biltmore Justice Court: Judge Leonore Driggs (Spanish available)
  • El Centro Justice Court: Judge Jennifer Sama
  • Encanto Justice Court: Judge Ken Cheuvront
  • South Mountain Justice Court: Judge Rebecca Rios
  • West McDowell Justice Court: Judge Teresa Ramirez Lopez (Spanish available)

Note: Marriage licenses are not available from the justice courts at this location but the Clerk of Court is across the street for licenses.

Southeast Justice Center

222 E. Javelina, Mesa AZ  85210

  • East Mesa Justice Court: Judge Fred Arnett (Spanish available, arrange in advance)
  • Highland Justice Court: Judge Jordan Ray
  • North Mesa Justice Court: Judge Kyle Jones (Spanish available)
  • West Mesa Justice Court: Judge Elaissia Sears

Note: Marriage licenses are not available from the justice courts at this location but the Clerk of Court does have an office in the building to handle licenses.

Ocotillo Regional Court Center

201 E. Chicago St, Chandler AZ  85284

  • Kyrene Justice Court: Judge Sharron Sauls
  • San Marcos Justice Court: Judge Jennifer Jermaine
  • San Tan Justice Court: Judge Sherwood Johnston
  • University Lakes Justice Court: Judge Tyler Kissell

Note: Marriage license services are available here.

What to Bring

  • two witnesses who are age 18 or over;
  • cash payment for the ceremony;
  • the marriage license*.

*Note: The Clerk of the Superior Court issues most marriage licenses. Ironwood Justice Court plus the courts in the Southwest and Ocotillo (Chandler) regional buildings can also issue them, but no other justice courts. 

Marriage licenses are valid for one year from the date of issue and may be used the same day they are received.

What's the Cost

The cost of the actual ceremony is set by the individual judge and may vary from one to another. Please call ahead to ask. This is cash only because it takes place in the courtroom where the judge cannot process checks, credit cards, or money orders.

The marriage license costs $83. The Clerk of Court accepts cash, money orders, or credit card. The Justice Courts listed above which can issue the license accept only money orders made payable to: Clerk of Superior Court.

To see the legal requirements, locations, application forms, and other options for the license, visit this page.

What to Expect

photo of wedding rings

Whether you have an appointment or are a walk-in, check in at the court window so the judge knows you are there. Wait in the lobby or hallway until your name or number is called.

We recognize that weddings are momentous occasions and should be memorialized. Still, you will see signs at each courthouse prohibiting photos and videos anywhere in the building, including hallways and lobbies. The judge will likely waive this rule in his or her courtroom, but you must ask their permission first. Even in a courthouse, your wedding is a special day.

This is a civil (legal) ceremony, not a religious one. It will take about 10-15 minutes and will occur in the courtroom. The judge will lead the wedding and ask the couple to say their vows. Upon completion, they and their witnesses will sign the top and bottom of the marriage certificate. The judge will keep the bottom portion and file it with the Clerk of the Court within 30 days as required by law.

The newlyweds walk out married!

What are the Exceptions

Ironwood Justice Court in Gila Bend does not hold marriage ceremonies on-site. Contact the court to schedule a location and date.

Some judges will marry active military members by appointment during the lunch hour or during court hours as long as there is no other matter pending. These weddings are done at no cost (wedding only; license is separate).